About Rexquote

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of road-rail excavators, we are confident we can build a machine to suit your needs. We encourage dialogue between you and our experienced staff so we can ensure we deliver machines to your exact requirements.


We pursue superior quality, from design right the way through manufacture and maintenance. Our products are durable, practical and most of all reliable. To achieve this we invest heavily in design and innovation, we do not compromise on quality for the sake of cost. We are confident that every machine that leaves our premises is both safe and extremely well made. We back up these promises with warranty and servicing packages. Each machine is certified to relevant standards, including the current one mandated by Network Rail, so you can be confident when receiving any Rexquote machine that it is fit to start work immediately. We want you get the best out of our machines so we encourage open dialogue between customers and specialist members of our engineering, manufacturing and design teams. We offer fitter and operator training and each machine comes with operation and maintenance manuals to ensure correct usage.

People come to us for peace of mind and years of experience and research. Having manufactured over 1000 road rail machines during the past 20 years, we sell credibility and dependence through a robust and reliable product. Our ability to react and to adapt enables us to solve all kinds of engineering problems and we are pleased to assist on any project. As well as producing a number of market leaders such as the Superailer, Megarailer and Gigarailer our experienced and innovative staff have designed and built a number of specialist products many of which are outside the railway industry. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have an idea you would like help with to make reality or if you think one of our current products could serve your needs.

Rexquote manufactures a comprehensive range of conversions and products to suit the needs of any railway maintenance company. The range includes road-rail hydraulic excavators (Roadrailers), road-rail hydraulic crane/excavators (Superailers, Megarailers, Gigarailers and Gigacranes), road-rail dumpers and road-rail access platforms (Accessrailers). We also manufacture tracked vehicles (Crawlerailers), rail trailers and attachments.