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We have undertaken a number of design and build projects for our customers. Our well-equipped, state of the art design studio is fully able to find a solution - whatever your company’s engineering requirements. If you have an idea you wish to convert into reality or if you wish to order one of these products then we are only too happy to provide our advice and recommendations.


Tramm Railer - TD18

The Rexquote TD18 is built with multi-functional attachments, these include a number of different cranes, man baskets and work platforms.

The PA90 shown here can carry four men plus tools in the basket and can be used for many purposes including tunnel inspections, working on overhead lines and gantries, painting canopies on railway stations and repairing brickwork. This work platform has a very large working area allowing more room for tools and has adjustable height and outreach. The TD18 travel function can be controlled from the platform whilst on the track. In emergency situations the basket can be recovered from the ground.


TD18-1 TD18-2


The Rexquote Conveyor Transporter

Rexquote was central in the design and manufacture of this specialist piece of quarrying machinery. The engine and hydraulic power pack are mounted on a chassis slung between two caterpillar tracks. A hydraulically actuated rotary table supports two hydraulically adjustable lifting arms on a tilting yolk mechanism. This self-propelled unit is used on site to lift and relocate conveyers.




Roadrail 4x4 Lorry

One of Rexquote’s specialist design projects was to road-rail a 4x4 lorry. This machine was tailored exactly to the customer’s requirements, including crane, hydraulic power pack and personnel carrying area. The finished product allowed all the benefits of the 4x4 lorry to be transported down to a work site on rail and also enabled the operator plus one other to travel in the comfort of the well-equipped cab.




Cable Drum Carrier

Pictured here is the road-railed cable drum carrier.