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The Gigacrane is a further evolution of the Gigarailer range of machines. It has been developed in response to a requirement for lifting in a vertical plane thus overcoming the specific problems encountered when trying to move objects through a large range of height positions. The main benefit of this configuration is the ability to be able to move the load using only the hydraulic winch without any change in the lifting capacity of the machine as the load height changes. The joystick and pedal controls have been re-configured to reflect crane use ensuring that it is intuitive for the crane operator.

Lifting capacity is in line with the performance of the Gigarailer range with increased performance over the ends of the machine as hydraulic limits no longer play a part in many areas. The machine also features a limited lift and carry duty, restricted only by lateral offset and boom extension.The machine can be fitted with an electronic height limiter allowing travel under live OHLE enabling a more flexible approach to completing important works.

There is no doubt this is a specialist machine designed and built with a specific purpose in mind, it accomplishes all that is required in the mid range crane range with the added benefit of being able to get itself to and from a work site on the rails.

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