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The Gigarailer is Rexquote’s most powerful machine range. Weighing a formidable 28-30 tonnes, fitted with heavy duty road axles, densely filled chassis weights and counterweight along with specially engineered soft foam filled super-single tyres, this machine is capable of unrivalled stability when lifting up to 15 tonnes (subject to local regulations). The purpose made chassis with extreme duty road axles married to the well-proven Terex 1604 road rail upper and in-house manufactured lightweight front-end equipment produces not only superior lifting ability, but also an accomplished digging machine.

Key Features:

  • Full attachment interchangeability between the Gigarailer and the Case 988 based Superailer and Megarailer.
  • Available with one or two man cab.
  • Gigarailer is capable of complying with all current and expected Network Rail standards.
  • Equipped to tow up to 60 tonne on suitable compatible trailers with either air or hydraulic service braking systems as an option.

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