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The Rexquote TD12 road-rail utility vehicle is available with a range of useful body options that can be either permanently fixed to the chassis or bought as a demountable item retained by ISO twistlock or three-way tipper style ball joints.

Body options are almost limitless - applications so far available include:

  • Three-way tipper
  • Palfinger access platform and cranes
  • Nifty access booms
  • Concrete mixer




Swivel Skip Dumpers




Rexquote manufacture a wide range of road-rail site dumpers ranging from 5 tonne to 10 tonne carrying capacity. They are available in many forms such as flat-beds, 3-way tippers and self loaders, as well as access platforms, lighting sets, truck mixers and mini-skip handlers.

The tremendous traction of these units allows access to the line at virtually any farm gate, and with on line speeds of up to 20 mph rapid progress to any point is ensured.

All Rexquote dumpers are built to Network Rail standard RIS1530PLT. Full compliance with Load Gauge W6A ensures universal route availability and in certain configurations, the dumper is authorised to work and travel under live O.L.E. This adaptable machine is an invaluable asset to any rail maintenance company.